Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Ray of Hope

Sandy from Kids to Adopt International called me. She got a response. I'm not sure who it was from but they wanted clarification and outlined what will need to happen for us to change to Svetlana. We will have to get our dossier back or find a way for Svetlana to get it then have it resubmitted in her name. The best thing would be for it to remain in country and Sandy was saying that maybe Mira will release it or Brent and Beth can get it since they are our family. She emailed them back to find out if the kids are available and the fees for us. The person that wrote it said something about Almas being a small time person that doesn't have any power to do an adoption or the proper ways to go about it. Boy has this been a learning experience!!!!!! I could write a book on how not to go about doing an adoption.


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