Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Final Story

Yesterday we received a call from Sandy at Kids to Adopt International. She had bad news. There is a grandmother who is very hostile. Sandy's coordinator in Kazakhstan contacted her and said there is no hope that she will ever agree to have her grandchildren adopted. She told the coordinator that she has one of the grandchildren living with her and she will never allow her grandkids to be adopted by Americans. Sasha and Galina will never be allowed to join our family. It is a definate NO. Almas has been truthful with us all along. Sandy asked us to consider adopting other children but we need time to coast for a while before we can even consider delving into something like this again. We feel very void. Our most common statement is "I don't know, I just don't know".

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


We had a phone call at 2 a.m. on Monday night. I answered the phone and the man on the other end had a strong accent. He asked me where he had called. I told him the U.S. I asked him where he was calling from and he told me Kazakhstan. I then asked Where? He said it's by Russia. I said Yes, but where in Kazakhstan. He told me he was calling from Almaty. I became concerned that someone had stolen Brent and Beth's cell phone. I asked him where he had gotten our number and he told me from the directory. He spoke very good english and understood everything that I said. I then hung up because I didn't know what else to do.

On Tuesday, November 8th, I called the bank and our money was deposited back in our account from Almas. This event has bothered me more than him telling me that he couldn't do our adoption. If he hasn't been scamming us none of this makes sense!! It's also a relief because Mark and I always believed that he wouldn't do this to us. It confirmed our belief in our gut instincts about people.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Ray of Hope

Sandy from Kids to Adopt International called me. She got a response. I'm not sure who it was from but they wanted clarification and outlined what will need to happen for us to change to Svetlana. We will have to get our dossier back or find a way for Svetlana to get it then have it resubmitted in her name. The best thing would be for it to remain in country and Sandy was saying that maybe Mira will release it or Brent and Beth can get it since they are our family. She emailed them back to find out if the kids are available and the fees for us. The person that wrote it said something about Almas being a small time person that doesn't have any power to do an adoption or the proper ways to go about it. Boy has this been a learning experience!!!!!! I could write a book on how not to go about doing an adoption.

Money! Money! Money!

Almas called us 4 times last night. He was at the bank trying to send our money back and needed the routing numbers and information. I have to call my bank today to get him a swift number because his bank couldn't find ours on their computers. He was there trying to do it for 1 1/2 hours. I was at work the first two times that he called and he told Mark that he had to sell his apartment to get all of the money. Mark and I are so confused now but also elated that it looks like our instincts aren't as bad as we were thinking. Praise God!!! He is a God of miracles. Now we wait to see where our documents are and for the money to actually be in our account.