Thursday, October 27, 2005

What Else Can Happen? Or Is The Adoption Going to Happen?

Almas told us a couple of weeks ago that the adoption couldn't happen because the kids had grandparents and they wouldn't sign permission. We decided that we would write a letter to the grandparents asking them for this permission and telling them about how we met the kids and our relationship with them. Albina's sister and brother in law who live in Ust agreed to travel to Shemonachai and deliver our letter and talk to the grandparents about our family. Andre and Alfia went on October 16th. What they found was very upsetting. It is on such an opposite extreme than what we've been told by Almas that we don't know what to believe now. They found that the grandmother has been dead for 4 years. The children's father died 2 years ago. The neighbors claim that no one has ever come to look for the family. They said that the grandfather is in the village and gave Andre and Alfia a different address. When they got to this house there were no windows, doors or furnace in the house. The neighbors there told them that the grandfather just wonders around the village and stays wherever someone will let him. They then found out the Igor, Sasha and Galina's 19 year old brother, lived in the village. They found him and talked to him at length. He was in an orphanage until he was 18. He is currently living with distant relatives and he is working doing some kind of inspection job. He has worked for 3 months and hasn't gotten paid yet. He told them that they have another sister, Tonya, who is in the orphanage for "normal" children in Ust. This is the sister that Almas has told us he did a missing persons report on and they never found her. Alfia asked about the "normal" orphanage and was told that the orphanage in Serybransk is for slow children. We don't know what to do with this information. Our minds are reeling!!!!!!!!!! Igor is going to come to Ust next weekend so that he can go visit Sasha and Galina when Andre and Alfia take the soccer donations to the orphanage. Igor says he will sign any documents that he has to to get his brother and sister a better life. He told Andre and Alfia that every kid in his group from the orphanage has been in jail or is currently in jail. We also asked Alfia to talk to Sasha to make sure he really wants to be adopted knowing that Igor is out there and can probably help him in some way.

October 23rd

I just heard from Albina. Alfiya went to the orphanage. They have a new director. She is Kazak and she was a former head of a juvenile home. She was horrible. She wouldn't let Alfiya take any pictures. They waited 3 hours to be able to see the kids. She took pictures of Sasha and Galina anyway. Alfiya had taken boxes of soccer equipment that one of the Dr's that I work for had mailed as donations to the orphanage. She wouldn't even open up the boxes and see the gifts. She instructed her people to take the things to storage. Alfiya only left half of the boxes and is going to take the rest of the stuff to the orphanage that Tonya is at. She talked to the director there and they were very nice. Alfiya is going to go to Tonya's orphanage tomorrow because she doesn't have to work for 3 days because of holidays. She asked Albina to tell us never to ask her to go to the orphanage again. Igor went with them and he was able to see Sasha and Galina for the first time in 4 years. He told them that every other kid from his group when he was at the orphanage is in jail or has been in jail. He has been working for 3 months and hasn't gotten paid yet. Igor talked to Sasha about being adopted and he still wants us to come and get them. Alfiya told the kids that we probably wouldn't be able to adopt them because of problems with documents. What a mess!!!! OK God, it's time for a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 27th

Mark finally got mad and frustrated enough that he called Almas. He talked to him this a.m. He told him I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we have found Igor and he will sign any papers so we can adopt the kids. The bad news is the bank wants their money and we are going to have heavy fines in 2 weeks if we don't show proof of the adoption or pay back the money. Almas told Mark he can have the money back to him in 3-5 days. Mark told Almas that he wants the kids. Almas told Mark that he will try to find Igor and get the papers signed and get Sasha and Galina on the international adoption list. Almas told Mark that usually they have to be on it for 6 months but he will be able to get this time period waived. Mark told him to call him back in 3 days. Mark will call him again on Monday if he doesn't hear from him. And the saga continues......................

I am waiting to hear from Sandy from Kids to Adopt International. She has sent out a request to see if our dossier has made it to the government office in Kazakhstan that it is suppose to be at. This is a big concern since it contains every personal document and info on Mark and I. There could currently be a Mark and Kristine Wolverton residing somewhere in Kazakhstan.

Thanks for the continued prayer. As Mark and I were out for breakfast this morning Mark looked at me and said, "I just had a horrible thought. What if God is making this so difficult so that I buy into this whole process more?" It was his thought not mine. hahahahahaha!!! God continues to give me peace beyond understanding. Just when I think it's over I get another small glimpse of hope that makes me continue to proceed forward.


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