Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Bump in the Road

Our dossier arrived in Almaty on Aug. 9 and was sent to the MOFA on Aug. 15. We were hoping to travel by the first or second week of September. Almas notified us the end of August that there were some problems. Our children have grandparents that he has visited now on numerous occasions to get permission for us to adopt the children and they are unwilling to sign. We were unaware that they were around or had the power to stop our adoption. The grandparents have had no contact with our kids since they were admitted to the orphanage (6 years). Almas has told us that each time he has gone to their house they have been drunk. Now once again we are waiting to see what God's plan is in this whole situation. Have I not learned patience yet? Are these not the children God intended for our family? There has been so much confirmation that we are on the right road!!!!


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