Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Waiting Continues

It is hard to write and document things when they aren't progressing how you want or expect them to. We are still waiting for word from Almas about our adoption. Mark talked to him on September 14th and he told Mark that he had a meeting with the judge on the 15th. He told us that he was getting documents from the orphanages that the grandparents have had no contact with the kids since they arrived. Also, the grandparents have a different last name than our kids and they are the kids father's parents. So, he is hoping to get them our of the kids records on this. Mark is totally at peace with things. My sister Beth who is my prayer warrior fasted and prayed on Friday, Sept. 16th and also feels this peace. I have been beside myself wondering what is going on. I definately thought that this part would go much smoother since the begining was such a struggle. Apparently, I haven't learned the lessons that I need to such as patience. It took me almost a week to reach the peace that Mark was talking about. I was listening to the christian radio station and one of the speakers said something that reminded me that this isn't about me but about God's timing and his plan. I had given this whole thing to God and then when these troubles came up again I had taken part of it back. What was I doing?????? I received an email from my sister the afternoon after I had finally reached this point. My dad is in Kazakhstan right now visiting my sister and he had called and talked to Almas. He was going to try and meet with him. Almas told my dad that he is working very hard on our situation and he had told the judge that he had 2 more days to figure out if the adoption would continue or he wanted the money back that he had already paid him. My sister is hoping that the money thing will make things happen as this is focused on highly in this culture. Almas told them that he will be calling us soon to let us know what has happened. Mark told me I can't call him until next week. We need to give him 2 weeks since our last call to try and make headway.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Bump in the Road

Our dossier arrived in Almaty on Aug. 9 and was sent to the MOFA on Aug. 15. We were hoping to travel by the first or second week of September. Almas notified us the end of August that there were some problems. Our children have grandparents that he has visited now on numerous occasions to get permission for us to adopt the children and they are unwilling to sign. We were unaware that they were around or had the power to stop our adoption. The grandparents have had no contact with our kids since they were admitted to the orphanage (6 years). Almas has told us that each time he has gone to their house they have been drunk. Now once again we are waiting to see what God's plan is in this whole situation. Have I not learned patience yet? Are these not the children God intended for our family? There has been so much confirmation that we are on the right road!!!!