Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Waiting

It will be 8 weeks in 4 days since our dossier was accepted at the Kazakhstan consulate. They told us it would take 2 months to process our dossier. We are "patiently" waiting for the FedEx man to show up at our door. At this point we will be more excited to see the FedEx man than if Ed McMahan showed up.

I called and made tenative plane reservations for us to travel on August 26th. We need to confirm by August 5th. Everyone keeps telling me I'm being optimistic.

I sorted through some clothes that a co worker had given me today for Sasha. Lacey and I are trying to figure out what size he might wear. We are thinking everything will be big if the length is right. We are shooting for size 12/14. Sasha's 15th birthday is Sunday. He is at camp so we won't be able to call him. We told him we will celebrate when we get there.